Teach Me A Word

Aga Paulina Młyńczak

Aga Paulina Młyńczak’s ‘Teach Me a Word You’re Afraid To Forget’ is an open-ended, long term project informed by an interactive linguistic map of Glasgow. The artists built a virtual platform for collecting recordings based on her invitation to participants to ‘teach me a word you are afraid to forget’ in any language they speak - a model which will go on to be replicated in Esquiliano (Rome) and Kreuzberg (Berlin). The resulting map is a sound archive of words that aims to direct our attention to historical concepts of translation and dominance of the ‘national languages’ like English. Virtually and in the gallery space, the project aims to make visible the many languages living side by side, overlapping and intermingling amongst a group of literal neighbours. The project will remain online, where participants can currently record their own words at https://www.teachmeaword.eu/. The physical iteration for the Flock Circumstance exhibition shows a multimedia sound installation built from these words and their personal definitions, which Młyńczak has translated visually in a series of analogue photographs.

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CONTENT WARNING: This content may be uncomfortable or inappropriate for some visitors. It contains sounds aimed at inducing different states of control and sumbission (sexual or otherwise) and could upset those sensitive towards the theme of sexual violence or dominance.


Sonic ID Shower

Madde Edlund

Madde Edlund’s ‘Sonic ID Shower’, is an immersive sound sculpture that explores the intimacies of language. The ‘shower’ orientates the listener at different points in a spectrum of control and submission, according to scripts Madde collated from words and sounds gathered at participatory workshops she designed. Four soundscapes created by the artist envelop the listener in ambient, human, animal and technical sounds that weave into a stream intended to place them as calculated subjects. The sculpture, like the workshops themselves, invites consideration on how sounds and words position you, on your sense of agency as a receiver of sounds, and asks you to pause and let the words hold you gently in these different poses.

Rebecka Reinhard, Levi Appleton, Anna Pirata, Vincent Durad (powervacua), Mikkel Haynes, Joel Segerstedt, Thamine Mossavion, Teddy & Bamse the guinea pigs, Lasse Maja Kalle Isa Puig, Zafira Vrba Woodski, Sam Soloman, Emma Samuelsson, Janne Björkman, Angelica the UnCelica, Lisa W Carlson, Esteban Jones Garnheim, Tova Gerge, Johanna Hajnos, Bella the dog, Björn Eriksson, Viktor Jers, Felicia Konrad, Samuel Sundin Waldenström, Anna Lindkvist, Maria Sundström, Sigrid Ulander, Staffan Westerlund Mymlan Mörkret Hallon Citron, Madde Edlund and with Workshop participants: Diana Peterson, Aron Janarv, Simone Wingfors, Thamine Mossavion, Anna Pirata, Levi Appleton, Aga Paulina Młyńczak, Nell Cardozo.

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Mixed media installation and online archive under construction.
HD video, rope, lycra, fluorescent light, wood.

Collection of Undoings

Tinja Ruusuvuori

'Collection of Undoings' is a video installation by Tinja Ruusuvuori which shows selections from a crowdsourced archive compiled of ‘useless’ activities. Together these speculate on new collective ways of being on the sidelines; of slipping through the cracks; of skipping around and pausing in opposition to the constant forward march of capitalism/progress. The archive is intended for use as a resource for anyone seeking to find a way to a different value structure. Ruusuvuori taps into a language of resistance that is gestural, asking how we can build this. How can things have meaning without ‘value’ or ‘purpose’ in a capitalistic sense, and embrace an embodied language of collective pleasure?

Liina Kuittinen, Jonna Lehto, Matilda Matsi, Lada Wilson, Miina Puolitaival, Lori Frazer, Tinja Ruusuvuori, Tinsel Edwards, Natasha Lall, Nikki Jääskeläinen, Edward Bruce, Oktavia Schreiner, Raila Mar, Gunilla Sjövall, Opri Kangas, Karkki, Bella Bellatrix Pirata, Madde Edlund, Jonna Lehto, Minta Metteri, Heather O’Donnell, Anasse Elhasnaoui, Venni P, Aleksi Pihkanen, Dexter Stokes-Mellor, Ali sha Sha, Hemn Hussein, Kate Theodore, Kerttu Ojalehto, Jan Ahlstedt, Sisko Pikkumäki, Irina Ruusuvuori, Aapo Sandberg, Heta-Maria Pyhäjärvi, Jane Sharkey, Emmi Hughes, Suzie Eggins, Anna Seppälä, Arto Patrikainen, Aga Paulina Młyńczak.
Deer image: Lori Frazer.

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