Complete Destruction of the Real Body (Print Edition)  —
Adam Benmakhlouf
Rosa Klerkx
James St. Findlay
Jonny Walker


Adam Benmakhlouf, Rosa Klerkx, James St. Findlay, Jonny Walker
with A Library of Olfactive Material

Edited and Introduced by Isabella Shields

A publication revolving around the scent development for the exhibition ‘Meat World’, featuring an interview with Clara Weale of A Library of Olfactive Material, exhibition documentation, and personal accounts of the experience of making the fragrance by the artists.

Text: Adam Benmakhlouf, Rosa Klerkx, Isabella Shields, James St. Findlay, Jonny Walker and Clara Weale

Editing, Introduction, and Graphic Design: Isabella Shields.

Publication and Exhibition Photography: Bart Urbanski.