Artists for Ukraine Auction Catalogue  —
Aga Paulina Młyńczak
Sasha Staicu


Click ‘Add to Cart’ & ‘Checkout’ to Download our free pdf catalogue and pre-bid in the charity auction (5 – 9 PM, 23/04/2022). Email us your bid before 4 PM on Saturday the 23rd.

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See you at the auction: Event Details & Free Eventbrite Registration Here.

The event is sponsored by 16 Nicholson Street Gallery
with help from: Sasha de Buyl (poster), EH Sound (sound equipment), Kerr Thomson (sound install), Davie (tunes)

Proceeds will go to Czasoprzestrzeń in support of refugees in Poland.
A smaller portion of the proceeds will go to the artists.
16NSt Gallery CIC takes no commission and offers all work voluntarily.

Selected artists include: Sam Ainsley, Jennie Bates, Rowan Mace, Alice Brooke, Sofya Tagor, Jonathan Wade, Josie Perry and Daphne Simons, Ayla Dmyterko, Radoslaw Liwen, Mina Heydari-Waite, GianPiero Franchi, Bart Urbański, Gemma Dagger, Ihor Bondarenko, Forhaus Design and Scott Rogers

Catalogue produced by Nell Cardozo and Aga Paulina Młyńczak

Poster by Sasha Staicu
Photography and graphic design by Aga Paulina Młyńczak