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Please download and familiarise yourself with the 16NSt Board Recruitment Pack by clicking on this link: Recruitment Pack

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Over the next year, we are looking to recruit three additional board members with distinct areas of responsibility and expertise: 

Business Development / Sustainability

  • Strategic financial sustainability development aims
  • Business plan
  • Partnerships
  • International Working

Fair Work / Wellbeing

  • Fair Pay
  • Dignity at Work
  • Care and Wellbeing
  • Best practice in: effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect

And later in the year: 

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (Agent for Change) 

  • Access and Disability
  • Reparative Justice
  • Community and Social Policy
  • Diversity and Inclusion


The Board of Directors will meet in person six times a year with a quorum of four fifths to advise the CIC. There may be additional meetings when major changes need advising upon

Our organisation is committed to being an inclusive employer. We will make reasonable adjustments in order to accommodate access needs of all Board members.

Additionally, in respect of freelance working hours, hybrid working and working from home will be made possible whenever needed.

The main responsibility of the Board is the continuation, development and upkeep of 16NSt’s Ends Policies (see point Recruitment Pack), which will be used to guide all Board feedback.

Each time a new member joins the Board, the Ends Policies are created/revised and agreed unanimously by the Board of Directors. They are the standard against which the Board will hold the CIC’s staff accountable to their commitments, review their proposals, plans, budgets and operational policies.

Any changes to Ends Policies must be agreed by a majority of two thirds, and can only be revised annually.

All management and operational policy making is the responsibility of Executive Staff, but must follow and uphold the Ends Policies.

The Board will also be expected to jointly carry out the selection of the new board members.


16 Nicholson Street Gallery is incorporated as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, with two Directors, serving its stakeholder community of emerging and under-represented artists.

The board currently consists of Nell Cardozo (Finance) and Aga Paulina Młyńczak (Secretary), both Executive Directors of 16 Nicholson Street Gallery CIC (16NSt) responsible for governance, art direction and programming. 

16NSt also functions as a curatorial collective with a possibility to include additional members to the research, development and production team. This currently includes Curator Kelly Rappleye, Gallery Assistant Thomas Dixon and Community Invigilator and Consultant Lababa Naqvi. 

Our recruitment strategy and principles are as follows: We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate access needs of all candidates (see ACCESS NEEDS section below). 16NSt has a safe space policy for all; however, in interviewing and recruiting, we focus on platforming female and non-binary artists, as reflected in our curatorial staff.


This position is voluntary. However, looking forward there is an allocated budget providing each Director with remuneration for six meetings per year (at £180 per meeting) in the period 2025 – 2028. Please note this is dependent on the receipt of Multi-Year Funding.

The Directors will be expected to put in additional voluntary hours dedicated to recruitment of new Board members or extra meetings when major changes take place.

  • The EDI (Agent for Change) is a bursaried role. The payments for each meeting will be at the SAU rate of £504 (incl. prep)


Deadline extended!

Business Development / Sustainability & Fair Work / Wellbeing

Deadline: noon on Thursday 9th May

Interviews: Week starting 17th June

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (Agent for Change)

Deadline: Accepting application on rollin basis

Interviews: On rolling basis

Final Decision: On rolling basis

Position starts October 2024


We welcome applications made in alternative formats (e.g. audio or video – no longer than 2.5 min per item) and other requests for reasonable adjustments. Get in touch with us should you have any questions or otherwise send us any applications that do not fit into the form below by email to 

We are also able to provide this the Recruitment Info pack in different formats, such as large print and audio. 

Good luck with the process!
16NSt team

16NSt Community Interest Company is a feminist curatorial collective and commissioning body based in Glasgow that focuses on producing a cultural events programme informed by interdisciplinary research in a creative laboratory model and partnership working. Our primary goal is fostering conditions for power redistribution with close attention to female-identifying, queer and marginalised artists, creatives and curators. We particularly aim to challenge the gender and class disparity in curatorial positions, contemporary art spaces, discourses, and pay outcomes. Since 2016, we have been supporting early career artists to develop and produce their first large scale commissioned body of work for exhibitions and publications. Our organisation works to insure the future of the Scottish art sector against deepening socio-economic power imbalances by making an intervention into early-career and sustained artists’ development opportunities.

artwork credit: James St. Findlay from 16NSt exhibition “Meat World