Call for Video Contributions

Collection of Undoings

Film your action with a phone or a camera and send the video file here (16NSt) or to tinja.ruusuvuori(at)

Please also tell us also if you want your name (and in which form) to be published, or if you wish to remain anonymous.

A selection of these gathered pleasures will appear in an online archive of undoings.

“Collection of Undoings” is a video art project by Tinja Ruusuvuori and friends that seeks contributors, inviting each to share a roughly one minute or less video of a “useless” activity. Together these will speculate on new collective ways of being on the sidelines; of slipping through the cracks; of skipping around and pausing in opposition to the constant forward march of capitalism/progress.

Ruusuvuori created the project in dialogue with friends in response to research (1) that found that people who’d experienced burnout and exhaustion in the workplace reacted by creating small everyday acts of resistance. These ways of resistance were hardly visible or organized but appeared as small, personal not-doings – retreats from the burdensome demands of their work lives and the violent value system of capitalism. 

Inspired by this, we want to take it further and develop a collective and crowdsourced archive of these acts, to use as a resource for anyone seeking to find a way to a different value structure. We are interested in documenting small activities / passivities that don’t have “value” as such, or a specific targeted outcome. These actions could for example fall into some of the following categories: daydreaming, misbehaving / making a mistake, doing in secret, play, and pleasure.

”Ask yourself, how do I break my relationship with capitalism today?” – adrienne maree brown

1 Suvi Salmenniemi: Kiinnittävät ja kuluttavat siteet: Vieraantuminen ja vastarinta työssä (essay in Tiede & Edistys 1/2021)