Matthew Walkerdine
David Roeder



An exhibition of works by David Roeder accompanied by a collection of found ephemera pertaining to some notion of drawing organised by Contemporary Secretary.

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For WHY DO ALL YOUR MANTRAS START WITH AN “I” consider the following

Firstly: painted furniture, to avoid questions of composition & to enter (the) space, to leave stuff on. 

Secondly: Starscapes, planets unfolding (like sheets) -“Inner Worlds Outside; shriveled”. “Even the juiciest grape will one day turn into a wrinkly raisin” (Inge) – that is, if you put it into the sun, otherwise it might just dissolve in any other way. 

The issues with attaining the right point of view, always zooming in, zooming out:

Microcosm vs. macrocosm, cosmic feel, astral joy, universal nothingness.

Thridly: Cityscapes, a classic genre!

Also, conversations with two almost-mother figures: Mamma & Lee. Smoking with one, complaining with the other. Aiming to grow, but when, and why? 

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For & Other Drawings, consider further a return to the collection of found ephemera pertaining to some notion of drawing.

By drawing, we refer here to the practice or act of drawing, and so a literal object that was made with pencil/pen on paper – or as something that, in an expanded sense, is used or has been made to represent some ‘thing’, to speak a language, to trace, to outline, to make connections, to plan, to designate, to explain, to deface or to furnish.

This is a group side-note with contributions from Joshua Abelow, Dan Arps, Flo Brooks, Kirstin Carlin, Milano Chow, Joanne Dawson, Malcy Duff, Lotte Gertz, Laetitia Glenton, Jude Hagan, Charlie Hammond, Alex Heilbron, Jessica Higgins, Christopher LG Hill, Johanna Jackson, Adam Lewis-Jacob, Chris Johanson, Faye Coral Johnson, Lucy Jones, James Langdon, Camille Le Houezec, Alex Leach, Nick Lynch, Ewan McCaffrey, France-Lise McGurn, Peter Nencini, Hardeep Pandhal, RL Perry, Mick Peter, Owen Piper, Mike Redmond, Leon Sadler, Dave Sherry, Zin Taylor, Hayley Tompkins, Joey Villemont, Matthew Walkerdine, Fritz Welch, Gregor Wright, Honda Zamojski and Others.