‘Turning The Tide’ Summit



Curatorial Production

On this day, our collective’s members Aga Paulina Młyńczak and Kelly Rappleye , were among the artist-speakers at Turning the Tide Summit, a transformative European cooperation project, co-funded by Creative Europe, dedicated to exploring and addressing the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of artistic and cultural practices. 16NSt will partner on this project with our upcoming programme of place-based commissions. We hope to elaborate on TTT’s engagement with the riverfront and the docks in Govan, Glasgow.

Aga together with Kelly unpacked 16NSt Gallery vision for multi-site, climate-conscious commissioning and in particular our plans for a place-based project development in Govan Graving Docks (Glasgow) featuring a creative vision for a one of a kind ‘meeting point’. Aga spoke about her joint artistic and curatorial practice that inform the design proposal which underpins the 16NSt’s contribution. Kelly spoke about her doctoral research encompassing water and moving image as conduits for social histories.

We were blown away by the wealth of research and approaches brought to the table by other project partners. Aga was especially moved by the professor Waldemar Affelt’s presentation on architectural heritage and preservation of the shipbuilding sites in Gdańsk, laying out histories and futures of city’s adaptations to floods.

Thank you so much for the opportunity Fablevision and Liz Gardiner