Freedom in Abstraction, Power in Creativity: with Beth Shapeero and EWFC  —
Beth Shapeero



16 Nicholson Street continue to develop their partnership with artist and facilitator Beth Shapeero, and NGO Empower Women for Change (EWFC) on a series of workshops entitled ‘Freedom in Abstraction, Power in Creativity’. Shapeero is a sculptor/painter and arts facilitator whose projects promote engagement in visual arts and deeper connections between visitors, artworks and artists. EWFC is a community group whose service users constitute women living in South and Central Glasgow who are experiencing socio-economic hardships. The workshops will include a number of different activities such as mindful walks, using photography to create abstractions, different ways of creating abstract drawing and painting, using colour and composition, printmaking techniques, gallery visits and collaborative working. These will encourage the women to embrace new types of creativity, learn processes and embrace risk in creating artworks.

Curator: Nell Cardozo

Partners: Empower Women for Change, Beth Shapeero

Image Credit: Beth Shapeero