DEVOTION “Queer Play” Creative Writing Workshop (Online)  —
Sophie Robinson



“Queer Play” Experimental online writing workshop with DEVOTION! Wed, 22nd November, 2pm-4pm.

You are invited to a creative writing workshop expanding on the theme of play in Shae Myles’ upcoming exhibition “Hush lil baby.” The workshop will take inspiration from Queer Ancestral Writing Practices and queer literature to explore queer femme play, joy and “jouissance” (physical or intellectual pleasure, delight, or ecstasy) with writer/ poet Sophie Robinson, founder of DEVOTION writing workshops. In the workshop, Robinson will discuss a piece of writing by a beloved queer ancestor, and you can expect accessible explanations of prompts and techniques, in-class structured group writing time, and opportunities for optional discussion and sharing. 

No previous prep required! No Homework! All experiences, backgrounds, and ages 16+ welcome! This is an inclusive space for anyone who wants to learn more about queer writing practices, be prompted and challenged, or hone their established writing through prompts and structured writing time.

In “Hush lil baby,” Myles’ sculptural installation pays homage to the original form of the 1990s Bluebird Polly Pocket compact to create a fantastical world that refracts memories of childhood play, femme aesthetics, secrets, obsession, and early naughts consumer culture. The immersive installation and performance directed by Femme Castratrice creates moments of voyeurism, inviting the audience to consider the queerness of the dollhouses’ blurred dynamics of submissiveness and control, and how these dynamics relate to coming-of-age narratives. Building on this, the “Devotion” creative writing workshop will create a safe and exploratory writing space to straddle the fuild boundary between child and adult play that the Polly Pocket compact toys represent.

The workshop will take place Wed 22nd November, from 14:00 – 16:00, online (Zoom). This workshop is FREE with limited capacity, booking on a first come first serve basis. Register your interest at the link in bio.