Christmas Auction 2016



Day Event

Our Christmas Auction was facilitated by the generous donation of works from:

Catherine Cameron – Artist / Jess Higgins / Kristina ŽalytÄ— / Adam Benmakhlouf / Holly Gavin/ Harvey Dimond/ Sebastian-Mary Tay / Sara Alonso/ Estelle Fournier / Florrie James / Mads Holm / Julie Reintjes/ Dan Sambo / Tine Bek Hansen / Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte / Alexander Arnild Peitersen / Susan Boyle / Arne Wern / Anna Meier Wachsmuth / Michael Mersinis/ Paul Deslandes / Christian Klintholm / Kevin Andrew Morris / Christabel Geary / James McCann/ Katie Schwab / Casper Cosmus Alsøe / Calum Jervis

With thanks to Sam de Santis for organisational help, and thanks to everyone who supported the gallery as it found its feet.