Building Feminist Resilience – Pilot Meeting  —
Aga Paulina Młyńczak
Natsumi Sakamoto 坂本 夏海



Day Event

Aga Paulina Młyńczak in collaboration with the artist Natsumi Sakamoto, Isabella Shields, and Nell Cardozo – with generous support from Goethe Institute – is looking to launch a long-term, peer-support, discussion group for the feminist voices amongst the arts organisers, curators and artists in the independent, creative sector.

What we mean by ‘feminist’ is not limited to gender equality but aims to explore a feminist perspective on the broader imbalances surrounding art today. The discussion will focus on three main areas:

1: Care
2: Alternative values
3: Resilience

For instance, during the online and offline meetings among other topics, we will address the broadly understood ‘not-for-profit’ model and aim to engage with both local and international discourse around how this framework impacts our practice, development and legacy. The subsequent outcome of the project will involve the consolidation of the research and its potential public presentation.
We aim to facilitate:   

  • equal dialogue between artists and curators
  • centering of collaborative ethics in a workplace and discourse (e.g. on transparency, fairness, diversity, intersectionality, alternative economies)
  • identifying challenges to mutual resilience
  • defining shared and individual priorities