Artists’ BookMarket and Edinburgh Zine Festival




You will be able to find our table at the Fruitmarket Gallery’s Artists’ BookMarket and Edinburgh Zine Festival 2023! We will be presenting and selling our art books, catalogues and collaborative publications.

Some of the highlights are:

Katerina Sidorova’s ‘Martyrdom, Body, State: Manifesting Power’
A mid-lockdown publication reflecting on state power in contemporary Russia through the prism of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Reparative Trespassing‘ with Moira Salt and Fiona McGurk
Thriving in Disturbed Ground‘ with Oktavia Schreiner, Niamh Moloney, Caitlyn Main, Hanne Lillee and M.E. Smit-Dicks

Artists’ Bookmarket is Edinburgh’s annual celebration of artists’ book culture which runs over two weekend days with stalls laid out to showcase a wide array of work. Enjoy carefully selected stalls of artist-led publishing and hand-crafted books, accompanied by a weekend programme of talks and workshops. Artists’ Bookmarket is held in tandem with Edinburgh Zine Library who will be bringing their Zine Festival to Fruitmarket’s Warehouse.


In the picture: ‘New Rituals/Neue Rituale‘ is an artists’ book and a collective artwork in its own right. The contributions were made by invited artists, especially for the project and the book as a whole can be seen as an art object. The focus is entirely on emerging artists from Scotland and Austria and what they have to show us today on the subject of rituals in the format of a book. By Oktavia Schreiner