Air Diving  —
Matthew Rimmer



Taking his inspiration from the history of aquariums and aquascaping, Rimmer’s work draws our attention to these surreal spaces. Aquariums began as an attempt to commodify and corporatise natural aquatic environments. In AIR DIVING, Rimmer inverts this relationship, creating extensions out of natural bodies of water and recalibrating our assumed sense of ownership over the natural environment.

His exhibition involves drawings and aquarium installations in the gallery, which will be rendered as a 3D virtual exhibition. The film of his site specific ‘Biotope’ sculpture at Greenock Cut made by Finn Rabbitt Dove will also be exhibited, as will a live-stream of the Biotope hosted in Kibble Palace greenhouse at Glasgow Botanical Gardens for the duration of the exhibition.

AIR DIVING launches as a digital experience on 19.02.21.

Intersectional Events:

‘STREAM’ – Workshop 20.02.21 14:00-16:00

The exhibition will be accompanied by an online workshop ‘STREAM’, on February 20th where participants will have the opportunity to view Rimmer’s work at the Kibble Palace and partake in a group writing workshop. Hosted with MUCK and The Nature Library.

‘AIR DIVING’ – Publication Launch 05.03.21

A digital publication to support the exhibit will be launched on 5th of March and will be available online, including new writing, preparatory drawings and research. 

Curators: Nell Cardozo and Isabella Shields.

Documentation and Virtual Exhibition Videography: Aga Młyńczak.

Web Design and Development: Rush Johnstone.

Installation Technician: Dylan Esposito.

With thanks to Creative Scotland, Glasgow Life, Harlan McGlinchey, Ewen Donaldson, and the Glasgow Botanical Gardens staff.