A Clapback



Glasgow School of Art POC Society: A Clapback ran from 22/10/18-11/11/18, when GSA People of Colour Society were in residence at 16 Nicholson Street. During this time, they ran a number of workshops, discussions and crit sessions for and by people of colour, in response to The Glasgow School of Art’s continued failure to value and support students of colour.

They then invited the general public to come and view the outcome of their residency. Rather than a final ‘exhibition’, the space was filled with evidence of their activities over the last few weeks, traces of their occupation of the space. They felt it was important to shift the focus away from a final outcome, and instead highlight the labour that they as queer people of colour & wxman of colour have put into this residency.

With works by:

Chioma Ince, Effie Crompton, Arianne Crainie, Harvey Dimond

POC only events included: 

POC Potluck! – 22.10.18 18:00 →

Crit Session with Camara Taylor – 23.10.18 18:00 →

Crit Session with Sulaïman Majali – 27.10.18 10:00 →

DJ Workshop with Taahliah & Plantainchipps – 29.10.18 13:00 →

Open Call: Space open to graduating/graduated students of colour – 29.10.18-05.11.18

Condition Report with Alberta Whittle – 04.11.18 12:00→

Massage for qtipoc by Aki – 04.11.18 18:00→

Rewriting Workshop – 09.11.18 14:00→

Bollywood Night – 08/11.18 17:00→

Crit Session with Ashanti Harris – 09.11.18 18:00→

Crit Session with Natasha Lall – 10.11.18 14:00→

Black History Month: Just one more thing… – 11.11.18 17:00→

Black Students Meetup – 15.11.18 17:00→

A Clapback: Public Viewing – 17.11.18-18.11.18 12:00-17:00