Red Naomi

Red Naomi 

by Radek Brousil October - 5th. November 2017


Taking its title from Red Naomi, one of the most popular roses exported from Kenya to Europe, and celebrated for its “high petal count, improved longevity and resistance to transport”, Radek Brousil’s project deals with the symbolism and impact of our fondness for flowers. It circulates freely around Glasgow botanical gardens glass house and its marble sculpture of a ‘Nubian Slave’, touching on the Czech textile company VEBA and its textile designs for the African market, Naomi Campbell and the story of a pouch with “dirty looking” stones, and water as a connecting element and asset for both transport and production, the exhibition is interested in shifts, twists, appropriations, misinterpretation and the absence of the “natural” in current frames of cultural and economical exchange. Its aim is not just academic or critical: with humour and irony it allows certain elements to appear in new contexts, parallels and configurations, understanding cultural symbols as loose containers for adjustation and productive hybridity.
- Michal Novotný

Brousil will be showing new work developed during visits to Glasgow and his research into the floral industry in Africa and its exports to Europe for commercial reasons. The exhibition is an installation and a film with an accompanying text by Francis Mckee, curated by Michal Novotný and 16 Nicholson Street.

Programmed alongside ‘What is Life’, an exhibition by Markéta Othováand Aleksandra Vajd at Street Level Photoworks, which form part of the Czech Season Scotland supported by the Czech Centre London.

Accompanying events

October 28th. Walking Tour of Glasgow Botanical Garden with Marenka Thompson-odlum. 12-2pm 

November 3rd. Talk with Tiffany Boyle. time TBC

November 4th. Conversation with Jennifer Martin. 3-5pm at 16 Nicholson Street


image credit; Radek Brousil / Tine Bek