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Miami Dolphins: The season will be long in Florida: the team is in total reconstruction, and his defense should be martyred almost week after week. Facing the Ravens for the first day, complicated to imagine a performance of the Dolphins at this position.

For the first time since 2006, Aaron Rodgers is going to have a new coach. A small revolution, because with this change of man, the Packers thus infuse a change of offensive strategy. Changes that should go through more ground play. At the same time, it should not be very hard, because last year Green Bay was the team that ran the least. From Aaron to another, Rodgers, the quarterback, should be relieved by Jones, the running back.

But all this is only supposition, because for the moment we did not really see this attack at work. So much so, that the Bears defense had to analyze the 2018 Titans offensive game, at the time Matt LaFleur was their offensive coordinator. Suddenly, the defensive squad of Chicago is especially obliged to bet on itself. Which is rather a good idea when you own what was one of the best league groups in this sector. Matt Nagy is still in charge of the team, but Vic Fangio, the defensive magician, has gone to Denver, leaving the reins of Khalil Mack and the others to Chuck Pagano.

On paper, this seems like a regression, but the former Colts coach has enough weapons to keep this squad on top. During the preseason, the playing time of the incumbents was very low in Illinois. Khalil Mack, for example, did not play the game for one game. But the lack of rhythm does not seem to disturb this phenomenon. Last year, when he had only five leg workouts, he stepped on the Packers with an interception returned for a touchdown, as well as fumble on a sack and covered. Yet the Bears have lost.

Like this year, both teams had met in the first game of the season in 2018, this time in Wisconsin. Aaron Rodgers had brought his team back with 20 points, and the Packers had won 24-23. It's simple, since 2013, Chicago has not won its opening match. At home this year, it's time to break this series to get started NFL day.