16 Nicholson is a Glasgow based non-profit organisation. Established in 2016, it is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, while all organisational and programming aspects are managed by Isabella Shields and Tine Bek.

16 Nicholson is an assembly focused on the sharing of ideas, organising events, workshops, talks, mentorship programmes and exhibitions. The aim is to help create a dialogue between artists, and makers from Scotland and to incorporate networking with international artists. By introducing and encouraging collaborations between established and more emerging artists we hope to host a space where these meetings can be realised and developed.

By hosting and organising events and programmes 16 Nicholson works as a curatorial entity with a core interest in collaboration and critical discussions and discourses between those involved within the Scottish art sphere, this including; Performance, Photography, Painting, Printmaking, Moving Image, Ceramics and Sculpture.

Alongside exhibitions and events our main focus our mentorship programme Atelier Monday, which provides a learning and networking platform for artists to interact and provide support. 



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