Session Four – A discussion of two video works by Barbara Hammer.


Salon 16

We’re four weeks into this project and discussions are intensifying, larger themes are emerging and our group is growing and gaining traction!

We began Session 4 by catching up and enjoying some dahl and sabji from Ranjit’s Kitchen before getting into the screening of ‘Dyketactics’ (1974) and ‘No No Nooky TV’ (1987).

The following conversation touched on various themes including gender, feminism, eroticism, nature, technology, humour, materiality, censorship and explicit material and affect. Participants were then encouraged to respond to the facilitator’s prompts which directed the discussion to explore the artworks in a curatorial sense and imagine how the group would exhibit and contextualise these works.

The last section of the meeting was dedicated to thinking about our upcoming event on May 11th at the gallery. The artists began to develop a collaborative approach to generating ideas for this public showcase. 

At the suggestion of artists, the conversation carried on well into the night at our local pub The Laurieston. 

Very excited to see what emerges next!