Final Session: Artist Presentations & Roundtable Discussion


Salon 16

As these sessions come to a close, we celebrated with a roundtable discussion with the whole 16 Nicholson Street Team and invited friends. Drinks and baclava provided! Sam and Fibi each prepared a presentation of new work they were developing which was followed by a discussion. 

Sam went first and shared his early 20th century Jujitsu and St John’s Ambulance manuals as well as an event activated drawing of David Beckham’s iconic Giorgio Armani underwear advert. Sam explained the personal connection to the image and the intention behind passing the drawing around the group like a note in school. 

Fibi presented a curated selection of videos around the theme of queerness in rural settings. Beginning with Barbara Hammer’s ‘Dyketactics’, new work by Maggie Campbell and Frieda Ford followed. Fibi then lead the group through a guided fantasy. The group shared personal experiences of being in the countryside and of their responses to Fibi’s performance.

Overall it was a lovely evening and we are very proud of the artists and hope they continue to work on their pieces outside of the sessions.

We will hopefully return in September for another series of meetings!