Atelier Monday, the mentorship show

March 2017

Atelier Monday, The Mentorship Show is a group exhibition with our Atelier Monday mentorship group; Cara Bonewitz, Toby Mills, Liam Dunne, Leila Smith and Ewan Mitchell.

The artists work in various fields and with a variety of materials, so we are happy to be presenting both video work, a performance, installations and mischevious sculptures.

@ Leila Smith

@ Leila Smith

The exhibition will mark the outcome of a 3 months mentorship programme at 16 Nicholson street.

Since January we have met as a group and the mentors and mentees have had meetings and discussions individually. 
This specific opportunity for objective criticism, a sense of community, and the free use of exhibition space in an emerging gallery is what created the frame work for the programme.

We are very excited to share these newly produced works for you all, and hope to see you on the 31st of March.

Artists links:

Toby Mills

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@ Tine Bek



Atelier Monday is a Glasgow-based mentorship programme for five artists, comprising of bimonthly meetings beginning on the 9th of January 2017 and culminating in a group exhibition in April 2017. The mentors involved (whose practices are described below) will meet their successful applicant twice a month on whatever basis suits both parties. The mentees meet every other Monday for group criticisms and informal events (screenings, talks, discussions) led by one of the mentors.

our 2017 Atelier Monday team consisted of:


Cara Bonewitz,

Toby Mills

Liam Dunne,

Leila Smith,

Ewan Mitchell,



Catherine Cameron

Cameron holds a BA in Fine Art Photography from GSA 2013, and has worked as an artist since 2006. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in museums and private collections. She has held photographic workshops for skilled amateurs in Norway and also arranged workshops with internationally acclaimed photographers. Cameron would like to work with someone who is ready to dedicate time and effort during the mentoring period, who is interested in challenging their own comfort zone and visit unknown territory in order to move their work on. For Cameron, making art is more about lifestyle than practicing photography. Cameron does not offer technical tutorials. She is a deeply inspiring individual whose awareness of and commitment to art lends itself well to any aspiring photographic artist. At once compassionate and professional, she is an ideal mentor for anyone with a rigorous approach and ambitious personality. // Facebook: Catherine Cameron – Artist

James McCann

James Mc Cann is a performance artist, video artist and sculptor from Cork, Ireland. James is a Crawford College and Royal College of Art graduate and his currently for a PhD at Glasgow School of Art. His research is looking at the position of making documentary film as an artist, in relation to developments in allegorical theory. James has expressed he is interested in working in a semi collaborative way with someone opening to experimenting with processes outwith their established practice.


Sarah Forrest

Sarah Forrest is an artist based in Glasgow who works across film, installation, text and sound. Her practice weaves together elements of theory, fiction and philosophy to produce narrative driven works that playfully explore perceptions both by and of the self.

She received her masters from Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and since then has been producing and presenting work nationally and internationally in exhibitions, residencies, film festivals, publications and events. Public Collections include the GOMA Collection, Glasgow and the LUX Collection. She also works collaboratively with Virginia Hutchison as artist’s duo In Shadow of the Hand. In 2012 Sarah Forrest won the Margret Tait Residency Award culminating in a screening at the Glasgow Film Festival.

Matthew Walkerdine

Matthew Walkerdine is a Graphic Designer, Facilitator and Lecturer based in Glasgow, Scotland. With Jessica Higgins in 2011, Matthew founded Good Press, a project space to support the promotion, production and sale of independent publishing and affiliated projects. Since 2010, Matthew has been the Art Director for small press publisher of art for leisure, Museums Press. In 2016, Matthew formed the new edition series ‘Drowned Whilst Attempting to Embrace the Moons Reflection in a River’ releasing artists text and an ethos informed by the hooks of Britpop. Walkerdine’s diverse capabilities make him an ideal mentor for anyone with an interest in graphic design or the development of their work into art books or zines. His approach is typically light and humorous and would suit anyone with a similar practice or instinct.

Florrie James

Florrie James lives and works in Glasgow. She completed her degree in Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in 2010. Recent film projects include Brighthouse, a commission for Collective Gallery’s All Sided Games, Mountaintop Administration, a short film for Attention Deficit-Reductionalism with Emilia Muller-Ginorio, and O.K. Rick. Florrie was awarded the Glasgow Film Margaret Tait Residency 2014, presenting O.K. Rick at Glasgow Film Festival. Along with Ross Little, Florrie set up the Integrity Painting Prize in 2015. In her painting and film work, she deals with fiction and narrative experimenting with methods of improvisation and structural film. In 2015, Florrie James and Ross Little shot several short films in Havana which were then previewed in an installation for Counterflows at the CCA and will be screened at Market Gallery in 2017.

@Ewan Mitchell 

@Ewan Mitchell