Sofya Tagor (b. 1997 Moscow, Russia) is based in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated from Gray’s School of Art with BA(Hons) in Fine Art – Painting. She has held solo and group shows in New York, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Tallinn and Berlin.

Sofya is a multimedia artist who combines drawing, painting and film. She explores the theme of displacement through her own experience of living between two countries. The work captures a feeling of placelessness and mourning for the impossibility of a return. Her family immigrated to Scotland in 2009. It was caused, among other reasons, by the political climate in Russia and the ever-growing authoritarian regime in the country. 

The compositions stem from Sofya’s old childhood photos taken by her parents and memories of her home in Russia. However, these photos act as a starting point for the works but are not the subject. By juxtaposing objects, animals, birds and people together, she explores displacement and ambiguity in the pieces. The depicted landscape is never a particular place, rather something imaginary or dreamlike. Sofya invites the viewer to find connections with her characters and perhaps, construct their own narrative. 

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