My work is painting that has become sculptural.

I work with wood, building structures that I paint with oil paint.  I use a mixture of found pieces of wood that have been altered or managed in some way and bought wood. The sculptures vary in content from a response to the wood in front of me and my desire to build structures that I have some sense of needing to make.

The formal considerations of painting: light, colour, touch and it’s impact, speed, spontaneity, focus, oiliness (the intrinsic quality of materials), immediacy and sensuality are all integral to the work.

The colour and oiliness of the paint hold light and reflect it back out. The planes of the sculpture add to the depth, reflective quality and space that colour creates.

Most of the work is domestic in scale, this creates intimacy and reflects my situation of working in a space next to my home, I think this influence is valuable. I am experimenting with scale and structure as my work develops, working intuitively from moment to moment. I like to play with balance and imperfection, what is possible when we don’t know what will happen.

The pieces work in relation to each other, the viewer and the environment creating an intimate world concerned with internal and external space.

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