Moira’s work spans across moving image, installation, or spatial works, and printed works dealing with language, and narrative. This breadth of media allows her to explore spaces along different fronts: cinematic spaces, bridging the gap between ‘space’, and ‘place’, and physical space, with its various reproductions. 

Often working with repetition, loops, or montage, her artworks focus on iterations, or re-iteration of images, or aspects of space within these different medias. By creating works that constantly repeat, and seamlessly merge into the ‘beginning’ from the ‘end’, a strange ‘non-space’ is formed. The viewer is left in stasis, suspended outside a ’cause and effect’ reality, surrounded by aspects/after-images of these ‘real ‘truths’. 

Various forms of reduction, and limitation add to this pocket of reality; perspectives, and perceptions are reduced to their components, and sewn together to create new ‘sub-spaces’. What governs, and drives these spaces becomes specific to Moira’s artworks, as they are generally research-based. 

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