Matthew Walkerdine

Matthew Walkerdine (b. 1984, Sheffield, UK) lives and works in Glasgow. His work focusses on independent publishing, consumer-level technologies and the spontaneous and intuitive possibilities of collaboration. Matthew co-runs the small press publisher of art for leisure Museums Press which splinters into two avenues; A Plume, focussing on artist and experimental writing – and an itinerant and collaborative practice with Jessica Higgins focussed on expanded methodologies of publishing in response to archival material.

In October 2011, Matthew co-founded Good Press a volunteer-run-informal-organisation dedicated to the promotion and distribution of independently published printed matter with a focus on visual arts and writing; music and artist objects. Good Press moved in March 2015 to a new home at 5 St. Margaret’s Place, Glasgow. After 4 years at St Margaret’s Place, Good Press moved to 32 St Andrew’s Street.

His work is practice-led with a particular focus in sub-underground music and fandom, community and collaboration and re-situating these in an art and design publishing context. He is currently a lecturer in Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art and has spoken, exhibited, and collaborated internationally.