Future Relics

Future Relics is a collaborative project between visual artists Sandy Sigala, Christine Novosel, and writer/curator Fiona Allan. The project experiments with the way that people organise images or objects in personal and societal contexts. When our collective or individual identities are broken down, what follows? What becomes the focus? What aspirations, fears, memories and self-reflections can we conjure up out of detritus?

Fiona Allan

Fiona graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s MLitt Curatorial Practice course and brings experience from her involvement with Transmission Gallery and the Exhibitions Department at Glasgow School of Art to her current role at CCA Londonderry.

Christine Novosel

Lives/works in Glasgow & Ayrshire, Scotland. Community arts coordinator & workshop facilitator. 

Sandy Sigala

Sandy Sigala is an interdisciplinary artist that works in sculpture, photography, sound, moving image and text. Her work explores identity, desire, oral histories, gender, satire and playthings. S finds inspiration in mundane everyday life occurrences, found objects, literary fiction, irony, paradox, queer approaches, puns, plants, experimental film, the historic avant-garde, artefacts, drag queens, craft methods and lust. She enjoys experimenting with materials and employs humour as a tool to question ideas of appropriation and homonormativity.