Eleni Wittbrodt

Based in Glasgow and Cologne

“My practice encompasses photography and research in an aggregate of sorting, noting,
copying, transforming and is often finally articulated within the formal factors of
sculpture. In the age of technology, where information seems to be available anywhere
and at anytime, I’m interested in the relationship between objects and information, and
the tools we employ to materialise knowledge. It’s often the compressed, obliterated, or
ambiguous that become the centre of my work.
My works develop through inquiries into infrastructures and dynamics of production
and presentation. I frequently produce photograms and direct photographic exposures
across different techniques, depending on the circumstances of production. Those 1:1
imprints imagine photography as something useful like a survey or a model, and
suggest that images are part of a shared metabolism between body and environment.”

Image: Pacemakers (2022), Analogue Photograph.