I am an interdisciplinary artist. In my work I create connections between audio-visual media, confession and space-making. My art practice runs alongside a curatorial position at 16 Nicholson Street Gallery (16NSt) – a collectively run, female-led art space in Glasgow. I hold a BA in Art and Technology from Aalborg University and a master’s degree from the Glasgow School of Art (Photography and Moving Image). I graduated from European Film College and FATAMORGANA Danish School of Photography. I was a mentee at Street Level Photoworks Gallery in Glasgow. My recent body of work is informed by linguistics and will be show at the 2nd International Conference of Linguistics Communication (LingComm2023). Among other works I filmed and curated virtual 360 performances 5’00’’ by Katerina Sidorova (2020), ‘Needs and Freedoms’ with Moira Salt and Fiona McGurk and ‘Building Feminist Resilience’ (art project in development). My artwork has recently been shown at Trongate 103 ‘Still Searching’ (2019), Street Level ‘Open’ (2019), 16NSt ‘Flock Circumstance’ (2021), KIOSK ‘Word Turner II’ (2021), Studio Pavilion (2021), Feminist Art Festival in Tunis, Everything Must Go (2022), Embassy Gallery ‘Annuale’ (2022) and Radiophrenia ‘M is for…’ (2022)

TEACH ME A WORD YOU’RE AFRAID TO FORGET (2021) – in the picture

Młyńczak’s ‘Teach me a word you’re afraid to forget’ project has been ongoing for over a year now. In it, the artist seeks to build an interactive linguistic map of the Govanhill neighbourhood of Glasgow based on her invitation to participants to ‘teach me a word you are afraid to forget’ in any language they speak. The map intends to question the dominance of English, and to make visible the many languages living side by side, overlapping and intermingling amongst a group of literal neighbours. The project will remain online, where participants can currently record their own submission at . The physical iteration for the Flock Circumstance exhibition shows a sound sculpture built from these words and definitions, which Młyńczak has translated visually in a series of analogue photographs. 

  • Nell Cardozo (assistant curator on Flock Circumstance)

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