16 Nicholson Street Gallery & Arts Collective is a Glasgow-based non-profit organisation. Established in 2016, all organisation and programming is managed by Director and Curator Isabella Shields and Gallery Manager Ben Soedira while a dedicated team of volunteers make up our invigilation staff.

16 Nicholson is an assembly focused on the sharing of ideas, organising events, workshops, talks, mentorship programmes and exhibitions. The aim is to help create a dialogue between artists, and makers from Scotland and to incorporate networking with international artists. By introducing and encouraging collaborations between established and more emerging artists we hope to develop an inclusive, engaging, and intellectually rich space.

16 Nicholson is a curatorial entity with its core interest in collaboration and critical discussions and discourses between those involved within the Scottish art sphere.  Artists have largely been paid through the reception of Hope Scott Trust funds, for which we are incredibly grateful.

There are three aspects to our programming:

Events, Mentorship Programmes and Residency Opportunities which focus on the  development and exchange of skills and ideas. 

Short Term Exhibitions which are fully funded and organised by the individual artists while 16 Nicholson Street operates more as a facilitator. 

Long Term Exhibitions during which we curate events and exhibitions in collaborations with the artists involved for an extended period of time.